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Anti-Bullying Plan

This plan outlines the processes for preventing and responding to student bullying in our school and reflects the Bullying: Preventing and Responding to Student Bullying in Schools Policy of the New South Wales Department of Education and Communities.

The plan was presented to parents and staff in draft form so that all views could be taken into account when issuing the final plan. An ongoing process of evaluation will continue to involve all parties.

Students have the right to expect to learn in a safe, happy environment free from the fear of bullying, harassment and intimidation. As a school community we have a shared responsibility to create such an environment. Bullying must be taken seriously and is not acceptable in any form.

Bullying can involve all forms of harassment, humiliation, domination and intimidation. It can be verbal, physical, social/emotional or psychological. It can be direct or indirect and includes cyber bullying.

At Vardy’s Road Public School inappropriate behaviour, which threatens a student’s wellbeing or impedes teaching and learning, cannot be accepted.

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