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Our Core Beliefs

We aim:

To create a caring environment where staff, students and parents are valued and respected and where quality education is provided for all students. (Our School Mission)

We aim to ensure:

That all students attain their academic and creative potential and develop interpersonal skills that will enable them to contribute responsibly to a changing society. (Our School Vision)

We aim to:

  • To encourage student commitment to personal excellence based on a set of positive values and acceptance of responsibility for their own learning.
  • To foster a strong partnership between teachers, students and parents based upon trust, respect and co-operation.
  • To create a learning environment that is happy, safe and supportive and one in which achievement is promoted and celebrated.
  • To encourage the professional development of teachers.
  • To develop an effective communication network.
  • To develop respect for others and an appreciation of Australia's heritage.
  • To develop a capacity for change in the school community.
  • To support the school's identified priorities by ensuring equitable allocation and effective use of resources. (Our Beliefs and Values)

Learning at Vardy's Road Public School

Shared Beliefs

The teaching staff at Vardy’s Road Public School together with the community has developed the following shared beliefs with regard to educational practice.

  • The curriculum provided acknowledges that students come from different backgrounds, learn at different rates and have different learning styles
  • We provide a broad, open curriculum that allows students to transfer skills and make connections with real life situations
  • We recognise that learning is best fostered in a supportive and challenging environment that promotes enjoyment and success for every student.
  • The development of an individual’s self esteem and confidence is central to learning.
  • The provision of regular feedback and the opportunity to reflect on learning improves motivation and performance. This applies to both children and adults- for in our classrooms we are both teachers and learners.

Learning Experiences

Teaching and Learning practices at Vardy’s Road Public School are designed to improve the learning outcomes for all students in the school. The school aims to provide each student with a range of learning experiences which:

  • Build on existing learning
  • Promote individual excellence in learning
  • Develop self-esteem, confidence and independence
  • Encourage students to think, collaborate and problem solve
  • Foster a desire and enthusiasm for life long learning.
  • Assist students to improve their own learning. 
  • Foster mutual respect between all parties
  • Make students aware of relevance to every day life

Provide a variety of experiences to cater for individual learning styles and experience.


Key Learning Areas

As in all schools our curriculum includes the outcome-based teaching of the six Key Learning Areas

Human Society and its Environment
Science and Technology
Creative and Practical Arts
Personal Development/
Health/Physical Education

Student achievement is reported in written form in June and December.

Students are supported, where necessary by the Support Teacher Learning Difficulties.(STLA)

School based policies

School based policies have been developed in:

Student Welfare

Student welfare is co-ordinated through a very strong and active Learning Support Team. Our Student Welfare program has been acknowledged in the region by winning the Regional Director's Award for school achievement.

Here is a link to our Student Welfare Policy:



Links with Seven Hills High School

Links with Seven Hills High School include such programs as:

  • Student Leadership
  • Student Assessment Transfer
  • Student Transition Programs
  • Special Events and Days
  • Staff Professional Development

Membership of the Blacktown Learning Community

Allows participation in:

  • S.H.A.R.I.N.G. and ArtRAGEous programs for the gifted and talented students
  • Middle Years of Schooling projects
  • Development of school programs
  • Shared staff professional development
  • Shared student leadership opportunities
  • Parent Plus maths program


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