Vardy's Road Public School

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School History


Vardy's Road Public School is located on the boundary of two western Sydney suburbs, Kings Langley and Seven Hills. The former gained its name from Mathew Pearce's land grant of July 22, 1795. He had arrived at Sydney Cove on board the "Surprise" on May 2, 1794. Upon receiving his land grant, he named it Kings Langley after the village in which he was born. This village is 20 miles from London.

Mathew Pearce is also responsible for the naming of Seven Hills for it was from his original land grant that seven hills were visible. The official name of the Seven Hills district can be traced back to 1800.

Vardy's Road gained its name from an ex-convict, John Vardy, who arrived in the colony on board "The Queen" in 1791. By 1802 he had been "freed by servitude" and was registered as a labourer. His son John was granted the land on which the school was built, sometime after 1812.

The Minister for Education, Mr. R. J. Heffron, approved of the establishment of Vardy's Road Public School on April 2, 1959. It was opened on May 24, 1960 and by 1961 had an enrolment of 330 pupils. Mr. Edward Hicks was its first Principal.


  • Our student enrolments total 480 of which
    - More than 100 students are from non-English speaking backgrounds
    - 10 students are of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander background.
  • Our classes total 19
  • Our teaching staff number 23
  • Our ancillary staff number 4
  • Our teachers aides total 3


50th Anniversary 2010

Here is the 50th Anniversary program. Click here: